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What is the temperature on the Moon? The average temperature on the Moon (at the equator and mid latitudes) varies from -298 degrees Fahrenheit (-183 degrees Celsius), at night, to 224 degrees Fahrenheit (106 degrees Celsius) during the day. Dec 09, 2008 · Neptune is the most distant planet from the Sun, with temperatures that plunge down to 55 Kelvin, or -218 degrees Celsius. You would think that a planet that cold would be frozen and locked down ... What´s the weather like today? (1/2) - Vocabulary worksheet for Elementary and Lower Intermediate students. This is the first of 2 worksheets with vocabulary exercises on weather. English speakers love to talk about the weather. It is a way of breaking the ice (starting a conversation). People talk about the weather on the phone and in person. Friends and family talk about the weather before they discuss wha