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6000 lb. Revolver Diesel Engine Stand 96 to 1 ratio worm and gear set rotates components a full 360°; handle locks in any position. Includes 205061 universal mounting plate for use with individual engine adapter plates. I agree, remove the plugs and try to turn over by hand from the bottom pulley. (pushing given the snow & ice that'll still be around would be my second choice). Make sure the car is out of gear. Might also be worth taking the timing belt cover off for a quick inspection as you turn the engine. Lycka till Continue turning with the flywheel with your right hand. With your left hand turn the fuel lever to the 'On' position and swing exhaust tappet out from the cylinder's valve. Turn the flywheel though one more compression stroke and the cylinder should fire. Walk the crank handle off the crankshaft. Used Zero Turn & Commercial Mowers Most dealers wait until they are slow to update their online used equipment listings making the data several days or weeks out of date. Here at Messicks we do things differently, our online listings are LIVE .