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Although on a turboprop engine the CSU is referred to as Prop Governor or Prop control Unit. As the only TP i have ever flown had PT6, ill use that as an example. To find SHP delivered to the prop use this No N1 and N2 in turboprop engines. The correct terminology are NH being High pressure...Handy, portable Desoldering Gun with combined temperature-control circuit and desoldering mechanism. TP-100. Makes changing the filter easy. MODEL. TP-100.marine modifi cations of M601 turboprop engines are used in various products. So. far, the Company has produced more than 37.500 aircraft engines bearing the trade. mark WALTER 17.000 piston, 16.000 jet and more than 4.500 turboprop. M601 aircraft. engines have gained a worldwide reputation for their simple maintenance and high. 47