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Haplogroup J*—the root lineage of haplogroup J—is found distributed throughout Europe, but at a relatively low frequency. Haplogroup J is generally considered one of the prominent lineages that was part of the Neolithic spread of agriculture into Europe from the Near East beginning approximately 10,000 years ago. first what's your definition of the ''african'' term? that's because a question like this is critical to separate between a serious scientific curiosity and any supermacist psedu-science which lately spamming our quora community more often (especi...Haplogroup L1 arose with Mitochondrial Eve and haplogroup L0 is an offshoot. The descendants of haplogroup L1 are also African haplogroups L2 and L3, the latter of which gave rise to all non-African haplogroups. Haplogroup L1 is believed to have first appeared in Africa approximately 150,000 to 170,000 years ago. Risk management process ppt download Kogama love land 43 – Integrate risk management with other project management activities • Project team members – Perform the risk management activities – Report status on risk events • Risk management process owner – Ensure risk management standard across projects – Seek, develop and implement risk management tools – Provide training ...