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Sign in - Google Accounts Once you’ve made your choice, hit the big blue ‘Agree and Download’ button to begin downloading the Google Earth Pro setup file. Step 3: Now run the Google Earth Pro setup file to install it on your PC or Mac. Step 4: Here’s where the magic is. You will now be prompted for a ‘Username’ and ‘License key’. If you don’t know the ... In the Open window, change the filetype to the GPS file types by using the Files of type list and selecting Gps (.gpx,.loc, *.mps). Navigate to the appropriate location on your computer and select... Here's how the install the Google Earth plugin in Maps… Now double click on the GoogleEarthPluginSetup.exe file (that was downloaded to your computer) to install the plugin. …and the Google Earth controls will appear and you can navigate around the Earth as if you installed the...