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It is very easy to use a compass. Just add the compass to your hotbar. Once the compass is in your hotbar, you will see the red compass arrow point to the direction of the World spawn point. Turn so that the arrow is pointing up and begin walking in that direction. See full list on apexminecrafthosting.com Open your Minecraft client (Java version). Select the Installations tab towards the top of the launcher. Hover over your desired profile/Minecraft version, then select the button with the three dots on the right. Select Edit from the drop-down menu. A modal will appear and More Options will be available in the bottom-right. Select this. Ok, so I was playing Minecraft on my pc with a GTX 760 running it. With an awesome 1000fps maximum staying in the 900 value (using Optifine, without Optifine it was around 120fps average). Anyway, seeing this I decide to put the render distance to maximum (32 (chunks?)