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Generate your GPG key. Pick option 1 for “RSA and RSA”. Enter 4096 bit key size (recommended) Set the key expiry to 2 years, use ‘2y’ for 2 years. Enter ‘y’ to confirm the expiry time. Pick ‘O’ or ‘Q’ to accept your name/email/comment. Enter a pass phrase twice. gpg2 --gen-key. Note. Confirming all use of an SSH agent. Jul 3, 2016. For a long time I’ve wanted an ssh-agent setup that would ask me before every use, so I could slightly more comfortably forward authentication over SSH without worrying that my session might get hijacked somewhere at the remote end (I often find myself wanting to pull authenticated git repos on remote hosts). Miami Florida WELCOME HOME. Greater Miami and the Beaches offers residents a luxurious lifestyle beyond compare. Whether you choose to live in a waterfront home or a luxury condo, here at GP Group, we can help you find the ideal property to suit your lifestyle and needs.