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Golf can be pretty straining and if you're looking to make life easier you'll want one of the best push If you love golf and play difficult courses you'll want 3 or 4 wheels; it'll make steering and going over A handlebar will control the forward momentum of the cart, and the golfer must adjust the bar to a...Aug 31, 2020 · A faulty Forward/Reverse switch can cause a Club Car golf cart to move in reverse but not forward. Replace the entire switch and the contacts if they are burnt. The cart moving only in the reverse and not in the forward position is peculiar and there are only a few areas that need to be checked. In this EZ GO Golf Cart carburetor troubleshooting section you can interrogate the troubleshooting tables to diagnose your Starter Rotates But Cart's Engine Will Not Start Or Difficult To Start. Test and replace components as required. Reverse Is Same Speed As Forward (Should Be Slower).