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Tree questions are commonly asked questions during interview process of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Intuit, Cisco, VMWare and other product based companies. Apr 16, 2015 · Announcing a resync and update of BFS for linux-4.0 BFS by itself: 4.0-sched-bfs-462.patch-ck branded linux-4.0-ck1 patches: 4.0-ck1 patches The usual collection of resyncs and minor updates only. It includes the following changes: - Minor tweaks to uniprocessor build (though enabling SMP will fix breakage if it still exists). Description : A/R BFS A/P Cks Pending Collec. Long Description : A/R BFS A/P Checks Pending Collect to be used for re-issued checks because the first check was possibly/probably fraudulently altered. Disbursements has completed an affidavit to the bank for reimbursement of the paid fraud check, but he collection from the bank is pending.