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Jun 17, 2015 · Update 5/12/2016: Building a token authentication with OAuth? JJWT is a Java library providing end-to-end JWT creation and verification, developed by our very own Les Hazlewood. Forever free and open-source (Apache License, Version 2.0), JJWT is simple to use and understand. ADFS and OAuth are not officially supported though you could extend Crowd's functionality with a custom plugin (Google Apps' connector for Crowd is actually a plugin). Please also note that Crowd does support OpenID . I’m choosing Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) because this Microsoft technology supports the identity protocols of the future. These “Identity 2.0” protocols, including SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SCIP, were purpose-built for the Internet and don’t rely on safe connections or obscure TCP/UDP ports to do their work, like ... OAuth2.0. 本文档主要介绍了小米帐号开放平台实现的验证授权流程.第三方应用可以借此实现小米帐号的登录授权,同时进一步获得小米开放平台提供的丰富. 功能!